Professional Pilot Program

Nebraska Flight School’s Professional Pilot Program in partnership with the University of Nebraska is the top choice for career-minded pilots. We can help you go from zero flight experience to Commercial Pilot in minimal time, and with maximum proficiency.

Welcome Aboard

The growing demand for professional pilots is expected to continue for at least the next 15 years. Airlines will be competing to hire the most skilled and qualified pilots, and you want to be sure you stand out in a field of applicants.

Nebraska Flight School will help you gain the skills and experience you need to be a top choice for airline recruiters. Instead of training to minimum standards, we train to a high standard of proficiency using a proven curriculum. We teach you more than just how to pass a test. And we do it all at a lower cost than other flight training schools.

Once you earn your Certified Flight Instructor Rating at Nebraska Flight School, you will be at the top of the hiring pool to become a full-time flight instructor. You will then build your flight experience while earning money in a fun, friendly environment.

Ultimately you need multiple certificates and ratings, leading up to an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. Nebraska Flight School can help you achieve each step along the way.

  • Private Pilot Certificate – Your primary (first) pilot license. It allows you to fly an airplane by yourself in visual flight conditions with passengers.
  • Instrument Rating – This next step in the process allows you to fly in the clouds instead of around the clouds.
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – A Commercial Pilot allows you to charge money for services.
  • Multi-Engine Rating – Fly airplanes with more than one engine.

Upon completion of the above certificates, you are eligible for hire by Nebraska Flight School as a Flight Instructor. Enjoy the benefits of a large, well-maintained fleet or airplanes, working alongside experienced mentor-instructors, and a steady stream of students.

Additional Ratings

Earn the following add-on ratings at the same time you are working as a flight instructor.


  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – Teach others to fly while getting paid and building flight time.
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII) – Teach instrument flying skills to other pilots.
  • Multi-Engine Instructor Rating (MEI) – Teach in airplanes with more than one engine.   

Program Options

Choose from several affordable options based on your goals and preferences.

Part 141

Cost estimate is based on Part 141 minimums.  Your actual cost may vary.

Private Pilot

35 hours flight time
50 hours instructor time


Instrument Rating

35 hours dual aircraft time
55 hours solo aircraft time
80 hours instructor time


Single-Engine Commercial

35 hours sim/aircraft time
45 hours instructor time


Multi-Engine Commercial Add-On

12 hours aircraft time
25 hours instructor time


Multi-Engine Time Building

38 hours aircraft time
38 hours instructor time


Program Cost


Prices are based on a specified syllabus and number of flight hours. Call for details.

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