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Nebraska Flight School in Kearney is the newest member of American Flight Schools and is located at the Kearney Regional Airport. Whether you are looking to fly for fun or start your career as a professional pilot, we are the flight training and flying club location for you. We work closely with the University of Nebraska at Kearney to provide access to both a 141 curriculum and the ability to complete a degree in aviation or other dicipline. Additionally, we can provide flight training for non university student in a part 61 environment.

Nebraska Flight School

Nebraska Flight School is a flight training facility and flying club located in Central Nebraska in the city of Kearney. We offer flight training to all levels of pilots in the Central US. Our members enjoy the opportunity for fly-ins, free classes, and member gatherings organized by the Club.

What makes Nebraska Flight School an outstanding place for both student pilots and advanced pilots? Our highly skilled flight instructors, reasonably priced training aircraft, and decades of experience make our family of flight schools a fun and affordable place to learn to fly or fly for fun. Our Flight School is located on the Kearney Regional Airport (KEAR). It is far outside the congested airspace surrounding the Omaha or Kansas City Airports. Students learning to fly in Kearney rarely have to wait in line to take-off and can quickly begin their lesson or practice session. Compare that to other airports, where you have to fly away from the congested airspace to practice areas.

Master the skills needed to fly legally and safely as you learn to fly with our FAA Certified Flight Instructors and economical training aircraft. Our classes teach you the knowledge of aerodynamics, aircraft components, meteorology, and FAA regulations. These classes provide the information needed to pass the FAA Written Test. Our curriculum for learning to fly has been carefully developed over the last 50 years and, along with our skilled Flight Instructors, has helped more than 10,000 pilots gain certificates, ratings, or currency.

American Flight Schools has been training pilots since 1977. Our graduates range from business professionals who use their licenses for pleasure and personal, to pilots pursuing professional careers in aviation working for the major airlines and corporate ventures.

Learning to fly an airplane is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Flying allows you the option to travel based upon your schedule. Whether using an aircraft for business or pleasure, or simply enjoying a summer sunset from a different perspective, personal flight is an experience that thrills a typical pilot on every flight.

What makes American Flight Schools and Nebraska Flight Schools unique?

With 8 locations and access to over 100 airplanes, we have something to offer for students and experienced pilots of all levels. Once you have achieved your private pilot rating, we also provide the ability to rent aircraft for fun or to advance your flight training. We are a community of aviators. Our members are always welcome to visit any of our locations in Nebraska, Colorado, Oregon, and California. Use the flight training facilities, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being around others who are passionate about aviation.

More than twelve thousand U.S. military and civilian pilots have flown at one of our locations during our last 50 years of operation. We have grown and expanded due to 50 years of word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied pilots. Our commitment to reasonable prices; and the highest level of safety has resulted in our becoming one of the largest flight schools and flying clubs in the United states. We hope you visit us and experience our efficient and effective flight training programs. We invite you to visit any of our locations to experience the thrill of flight training. Our philosophy has always been that flying should be both fun and affordable.

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